Alpine videos from Großarl

Videos of different alpine huts in Grossarl valley.

Last Summer in Großarl valley "valley of the alps" some of the alpine huts were shown on videos. The videos show Alpine areas, the alpine pastures and some of the locals from the alpine huts were also introduced. The Saukaralm, the Unterwandalm, the Karseggalm, the Harbachalm and the Gehwolfalm were introduced. The videos show the beauty and nature of a mountain summer in the the valley of the Alps, in Grossarl valley.

While pictures say more than words, and a flim is created from many pictures, hopefully this also applies to the Alpine videos. If you would like to see these videos, you will need the free Adobe Flashplayer.

The videos were produced by the company Firma Rostfilm ( by Roland Stieber. All copyrights belong to company Rostfilm TVB as well as with the Großarler cable car company.

Video of Saukaralm in Grossarl

Video of Unterwandalm in Grossarl

Video of Karseggalm in Grossarl

Video of Gehwolfalm in Grossarl

Video of Harbachalm in Hüttschlag

Video of Loosbühelalm in Grossarl


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